Lost For a Reason
Helping children and families in the places we love to ride !

The Reason we do it !........
Help us spread the word! - When you purchase stickers or T-shirts, or request a free gift for your donation from one of our generous sponsors,.... you are making a difference in real peoples lives !,... We bring back so many great memories from our trips through the Arizona desert , or New Mexico or Utah,.. while a $25 donation may seem small on its own,..it is really HUGE to the children and families on the Navajo reservation !,... $25 becomes $500 very quickly thanks to so many generous supporters !  While other organizations may send only a portion of monies donated to help,... we are a grassroots organization and 100% of the prfits go to helping children and families !
Lost for a Reason was formed as a way to promote goodwill with the local people in the places we love to ride. Most importantly,.. it was formed to help children and families in the places we love to ride. Not only do we love to ride motorcycles,.. but we love to enjoy running, mountain biking, kayaking,... and countless other activities in some of the most beautiful places with the most wonderful people in the world. The greatest thing about motorcycle travel and other " up close and personal" ways to enjoy the world,.. is seeing the land and the people on a much more personal level,... when we are exposed to the elements ,..we get to enjoy the sights and sounds far better than when we fly or drive quickly from A to B. We also see the needs,... we feel the needs of the local residents in these places on a much more personal level.  We started Lost for a Reason to help meet some of those needs,... We are small, but thanks to the ADV motorcyclists, the mountain bikers, runners, Off Road enthusiasts,...and many more,... we have been able to fund an abuse shelter in Kayenta, AZ., purchase soccer balls for the youth soccer program,... help keep food stocked in the food bank,... and even send money to an orphanage home in New Mexico !
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