Lost For a Reason
Helping children and families in the places we love to ride !

Upcoming events !

OVERLAND EXPO https://olymptrade.co.ke/review !!!,... Look for Lost for a Reason at the 2013 Overland Expo at Mormon Lake May 16th through the 20th !
We will have L4R stickers and T-shirts for sale, as well as some of our sponsors merchandise !... 100% of the profits from the sale of these products goes to help Navajo children and families in need !

 K.B.C. Remodel Service llc. of Boulder , Colorado is proud to announce that they will be in Kayenta, AZ. for a work effort project July 12th-14th to help with roof repairs, window repairs and anything else they can get done during that period !   (click on the picture above to learn more about KBC Remodel)
     Our hope is that through the work efforts sponsored by KBC Remodel Service llc https://www.olymptrade.co.ke/pc_and_mobile . we can continue our efforts to help the children and families of the Navajo Nation and further promote goodwill in the ADV community and Adventure athlete community !.... Whether you ride, run or mountain bike in the beautiful areas that New Mexico, Arizona, Utah and Colorado has to offer. We just want to say thank you to the great people who live there by recognizing the needs of the children and families and doing something about it !
We are looking for additional volunteers to help with various projects during the work effort to maximize what we can do !
If you want to take a trip with a purpose this summer,.. July 12-14th,.. then please contact us at lostforareason@gmail.com
send us a message on the contact page here on the site https://olymptrade.co.ke/trade !

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